sunstream-250x250A treatment is £22 and will last about 1 hour. Shorter taster treatments are also available. Treatments can be combined, for example 30 minutes Reiki and 30 minutes Indian Head Massage would be £26.

Reiki is a non-invasive holistic treatment involving channelling energy to help heal and rebalance the body. It can be hands on, involving gently placing hands on the body, or hands off, involving working with the energy field. People may experience different sensations during a treatment, for instance a feeling of heat or calm.

You will remain fully clothed during the treatment, and it can be done sitting in a chair or lying on the couch.

A treatment can take about 45 minutes, but will vary depending on what is encountered. I will usually spend longer on areas of injury or unbalance.

The origins of Reiki are from Japan, and the teachings have been passed down in an unbroken lineage from Mikao Usui.

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